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Vital Tool for Capsulorrhexis

Blue Rhexis is a vital dye, used to visualize the capsulorhexis during cataract surgery in the absence of red fundus reflex. It stains the anterior lens capsule offering excellent visuallization in eye with mature cataract. Blue Rhexis is a sterile preparation of Trypan Blue in an isotonic, buffered vehicle.Contraindications
No contraindications have been reported till date. Care must be taken on patients known to be hypersensitive to Trypan Blue or similar dyes.

Keep in cool dry place, protect from light.

Available in 1 ml vial single unit, unit does in pack of five.

Method of Use
Prior to injecting the dye, it is advisable to minimize the fluid in the anterior chamber. This wil prevent dilution of the dye and offer better staining. Blue Rhexis is injected into the eye on the lens capsule till the capsule is clearly stained. The lens remains unstained.

Used as an aid in ophthalmic Surgery
Used as a staining agent
Detects PC rupture
Anterior/Posterior Capsulotomy
Non Phaco SI Cataract surgery

Warning and Precautions
Unit dose. For single use only. Discard remaining Solution after use.
For Intraocular use only
May temporarily stain hydrophilic foldable lenses
Anterior/Posterior Capsulotomy